Meet Team Automatique..


Baby Ivan

CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, President

Baby Ivan likes algebra, Guns-N-Roses and test automation. Additionally, Baby Ivan holds advanced degrees in smiling, sleeping and being happy - and he brings that happiness, joy and laughter into our lives every single day.

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Senior Architect, Director of Cleaning

Mr. Kuznetsov founded Automatique in 1861 and has been the Senior Architect since inception. Additionally, Vladimir is tasked with vacuming the office, cleaning the bathrooms and keeping the place tidy. Prior to fullfilling his dream of creaing a universal automation framework, Mr. Kuznetsov had worked as a software developer and an automation architect for 27 years. Also, Mr. Kuznetsov has over 7 decades of cleaning experience. Mr. Kuznetsov holds an Associate degree in Computer Science as well as a cleaning degree from the University of Sorbonne. Mr. Kuznetsov is also ISTQB, ITIL and Tosca certified

Anastasia Kuznetsov

Unpaid Intern

Ms. Kuznetsov has been an unpaid intern since inception. She has been a tremendous help to the CEO Baby Ivan, who loves spending every single minute with Ms. Kuznetsov. Baby Ivan highly recommends Ms. Kuznetsov as the best mommy in the world. Additionally, Ms. Kuznetsov holds a Master Degree in Accounting and Information Systems.

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