Meet Team Automatique..


Vladimir Kuznetsov

President and Senior Architect

Mr. Kuznetsov co-founded Automatique and has been the President and Senior Architect since inception. Prior to fullfilling his dream of creaing a universal automation framework, Mr. Kuznetsov has worked as a software developer and an automation architect for various companies starting in 2002. Mr. Kuznetsov holds an Associate degree, Computer science from the state college 154 of Moscow, Russia and a BS, Finance from the State Financial University of Moscow, Russia. Additionally, Mr. Kuznetsov is ISTQB, ITIL and Tosca certified

Anastasia Kuznetsov

CFO and Senior Designer

Ms. Kuznetsov has been a huge proponent of automation and contributed to the framework creation as a senior designer. Additionally, Ms. Kuznetsov has worked in various accounting and IT positions starting in 2005. Ms. Kuznetsov holds a law degree from the State University of Tver, Russia and a Master in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of Texas, Dallas

Baby Ivan


Baby Ivan likes algebra, Guns-N-Roses and baby foods. Additionally, Baby Ivan holds advanced degrees in smiling, sleeping and being happy - and he brings happiness, joy and laughter into our lives every single day

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